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My name is Deb and I am the owner of Baby Slumberland Co. I am a Certified Infant + Child Sleep Consultant, a wife to my husband of 6 years and a mum to my two boys who are 3 & 4.


My Journey to become a sleep consultant started when I was pregnant with my first boy 5 years ago. Before he was born I started to read, I read a lot of baby books because I wanted to be prepared for my sons arrival.


I started to soak up this information like a sponge, I actually rather enjoyed reading about it. I loved learning about the tips, tricks and strategies but I also loved reading the science behind why these techniques worked. With confidence I was ready to have my baby.

As any new parent will tell you, nothing can really prepare you for the arrival of your first baby, it was hard! The crying, the witching hour, feeding, nappies, rocking, bouncing, making laps of the house, trying to get enough sleep myself. Those first few months were really challenging. 4 years later and I am still not sure where the time went.

If the last few years have taught me anything it is that my reading, research and sponge like nature helped me through many hard times and many sleepless nights. 4 years down the track and my boys do sleep well now, because I helped them through regressions, I reassured them and taught them healthy sleep habits, I slept next to them when they were sick but then got right back on track once they were better. I was able to do this, because I was informed and I had a plan, that is what got me through.

My passion for sleep then continued into mother's groups and play dates. I loved hearing about other mums journeys, their struggles and passing on any tips where I could.

After my second son was born I knew I wanted to work with mums and their babies, I wanted to help. I found the course provided by Baby Sleep Consultant Training and so my journey to become a Certified Infant + Child Sleep Consultant began. I have studied, I have researched and I have completed practical work with volunteer clients. Now that my training is complete I have created my business Baby Slumberland Co.  and now I am ready to help you.

I have combined my knowledge as a mum and my studies to create a holistic guide to healthy sleep. My methods and philosophys are based on the training I received through Baby Sleep Consultant Training, their wonderful values and amazing techniques. I treat every case and every family with openness and aim to provide a plan to suit your baby, but also your whole family.  I am so passionate about helping families create healthy sleep habits through tried and tested methods that work, whilst also allowing flexibility to suit your situation. I will guide you through this entire process with empathy, encouragement, understanding and I will help you reach your goals.

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I am a certified Infant + Child Sleep Consultant with Baby Sleep Consultancy Training

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Brand Partners

Baby Slumberland Co. has forged many partnerships within the industry, these range from baby related products and services to health professionals within the industry. I have sourced only the finest products and the best professionals to collaborate with. I often utilize these products and referral partners services within my sleep plans and I would not recommend them if I did not believe they were the best in their field. It is my pleasure to direct you to these amazing professionals, their services and world-class products. 

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