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Baby Slumberland Co.



At Baby Slumberland Co. we offer a wide range of services from in-home consultations to email and phone


In-Home Consultation

I have several different offerings for in-home consultations and depending on your babies specific sleep challenges I will suggest a home consultation that best fits your situation. Home consultations consist of a one on one chat about the sleep plan as well as hands on guidance with settling advice. I will either coach you through your chosen technique, or demonstrate it for you. Home consultations are invaluable for the targeted advice and guidance that I can give you within your own home. Because I am right there with you settling and providing guidance, I can also see how your baby responds in real time and offer any tweaks to the strategy where needed. I am there to guide you and encourage you through the entire sleep training process.


Phone Consultations

Phone consultations are a great way to manage your time if you have a busy lifestyle, but still want to embark on the sleep training process. You will receive a 30-40 minute call from me to go over the sleep plan, at this time I will re-iterate any important points, answer any questions and provide advice and guidance to give you the confidence to implement the plan and reach your goals. In the consult I will also discuss your babies temperament and if we may need to tweak our strategy to suit your child's specific needs or challenges.


Email Consultations

For parents who are needing help but do not have the time to chat via phone, then an email consultation is the right fit for you. Read over your sleep plan in your own time and at your own pace whilst still receiving great advice, guidance and encouragement. 


Newborn Workshop

My newborn workshop is aimed to help parents prepare for the first 12 weeks of your babies life. It consists of settling advice, how to combat overtiredness with a great daytime strategy, what to expect biologically from your baby in the first few weeks/months, how to prepare for the 4 month sleep regression, general feeding advice and product suggestions. This workshop is great for Mum's who are currently expecting as well as babies who are 3-12 weeks old.


Sleep Talk 

Do you have a group of mum's within your circle that also need some sleep advice? Then why not get everyone together for a coffee and we can chat about some important information relevant to your child's sleep? Before the session I will get each babies age and prepare some advice relevant to your babies development and possible struggles. We will meet at a café that is local to you and your friends to have a chat about your babies current situation and I will offer guidance, advice and tips on how to get through any struggles you may be facing.


Sleep Talk 

Are you a professional organization that would like to upskill your workers on age appropriate settling advice? This sleep talk is great for daycare centers or similar companies wanting to provide their workers with the holistic knowledge of babies sleep. This service is also open to companies that would like to offer this service to their clients as a promotional offer, perfect for gyms with a creche, baby stores, child health clinics, hospitals or other organizations within the industry.




The Process

The consultation is only one element of my service, click through to see how the process works and what you will receive as a part of your consultation.


Deb is very understanding and was    able to pinpoint exactly what was happening with my newborn with the information I gave her and provided great advice. We definitely feel like we are on the right track and have a great tool kit from the tips and advice provided by Deb.

Baby A - Newborn

Deb was very easy to speak with and provided some very helpful tips and guidance with helping my 9 month old daughter sleep better at night. My daughter was waking at least 2-3 times over the night and needed to be fed each time. Now she just wakes up once and last night she actually slept right through to 6:30am! Thank you for all your help Deb!

Baby S - 9 Months

Deb has been amazing! Our baby’s day sleeps completely changed after she hit 4 months and started teething. Deb taught us how to implement strategies bit by bit which would encourage our bub to self-settle and sleep for longer periods. Not once we were told to let our baby cry it out. She was so understanding and accommodating to our gentle parenting style. Thank you Deb for your invaluable support and guidance. Our baby now recognises when it’s nap time, and she has amazing day sleeps on her own.

Baby T - 6 months actual/ 8 Months corrected

Amazing - helpful - caring - passionate & FULL of knowledge!! Deb listened to my needs & gave me the correct tips to suit my situation. I loved how genuine & real her approach was & i cant wait to test out my new tips. Thank you so much Deb you're incredible at what you do.

Baby A - 2 weeks old- Sleep Talk

Being a first time mum, EVERYTHING can seem too difficult and you're always second guessing yourself. I attended one of Deb's sleep talks and found her to be extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping us struggling mum's. She had some great tips and advice to help my 3 month old's sleeping habits and I would certainly use her services in the future if needed. 

Baby W - 3 months

Within a couple of days of implementing Deb’s sleep plan for my little girl Ava, we were seeing huge improvements to her sleeping habits!! Deb was so understanding and helpful, always checking in and offering more advice and guidance. Would highly recommend to anyone else having baby sleep difficulties!

Baby A - 8 weeks

After 7 long months we finally have a baby that sleeps through the night!

Max was a terrible daytime cat napper and woke on average 2-3 times overnight, sometimes for hours at a time. Deb wrote a personalised and easy to follow routine and within a few days we were having fantastic day naps. Once we saw results during the day it wasn’t long before Max began sleeping 12 hours straight overnight with not one single wake up.

Deb was in constant communication throughout this program and was always happy to answer any questions along the way. She also gave us tools to use in the future to ensure that Max continues to sleep well. We can’t thank Deb enough!

Baby Max - 10 Months

My son (15mnths) has always slept beside me and fed to sleep, day and night. I wanted to stop breastfeeding and co sleeping so found Baby Slumberland Co. and have been so happy with the results. 


We wanted to use a gentle approach and we definitely got that in the program. I was beside him but not having to feed or rock or shoosh or use any kind of intervention to actually get him to sleep. We were both comfortable with me just being in the room and him drifting off to sleep. 


It was so much more than just the getting him to sleep part. It's understanding that all of their needs have to be met for them to successfully fall asleep and stay asleep. Making sure he wasn't overtired was the key for us and not trying to follow a time schedule rather just learning what his queues are and acting based on that. 


Deb is so easy to talk to and makes understanding sleep simple. She listened to my concerns and reassured me along the way. I couldn't have done it without the support and compassion Deb showed me over two weeks. 


All in all our whole family is so much happier, well rested, Hubby and I have OUR bed back and most importantly our little boy is sleeping in his own room ALL NIGHT LONG! 


Thank you so so much Baby Slumberland Co. for giving us the gift of sleep.

Child J - 15 Months